You don't need to be a developer to easily build map apps for your

You don't need to be a developer to easily build map apps for your passion.

Nown Is Your Tool To Create Beautiful Maps

Finally, you can easily build map apps without any coding experience. Creating a map-based app with geolocation features used to cost tens of thousands of dollars and several months of design and development work. That is no longer the case.  

Personalise, Brand and Create Map Apps

The Nown platform saves you time, money and frustration with its map app generator that easily enables you to build map apps. Your apps can even be published and downloaded in the App Store.

Make Maps For Anything

Nown was made for you with your people, your places and your things in mind. We believe that everyone is unique and sees the world differently. Unleash your creativity and put your passion on the map. There is an awesome map that is just waiting to be made… by you!

Customisable Location Markers

It's your map app and your world, so build it your way!
Choose from the Nown icon library or upload your own.

Customisable Location Markers


 It’s your map app, so build it your way! 

 Choose from the Nown icon library icons or upload your own.

Your NoCode Map App Template

Start Making Money

Easily build map apps and start earning money from the things you know and love best.


Personalise and brand your map app. Upload logos, colour themes, icons, and publish customisable content.

CREATE LocationS

Choose or upload icons that describe locations that matter to you. Add photos, text, contact details and social links.


Collect places with our bookmark feature. Filter the map or list to only show these locations with a single tap.

Get Directions

Location services enable users to get directions to locations on the map.

Works Offline

After the initial download, our app works offline so it can still be used reliably when there is little or no internet connection.

Filter Your Search

The icons you choose also act as filters, making it super easy for your users to find what they are looking for.

Map and List View

View locations either on a colourful, unique map or in the beautiful list view. Easily switch between the two.

Publish Your App

After you have created your app you can publish it as a native app to the app store.

We'd love to hear from you

We'd Love to Hear From You

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