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What if Yelp, Instagram, and Google Maps took all of their best bits, got a little frisky, and made the perfect lovechild? Genetically possible? Nope. Technologically? We did it. Nown makes it extremely easy to find the people and places you love on a friendsourced, icon-based map.

Jessica Brown

Bondi, AUS






"I can search and explore my friends maps and easily share my recommendations with them. It’s heaps faster than the emails I would send out with lists of places to check out. Love Nown."

- Nicola Atherton
  Bondi lifeguard & professional surfer

Want to be one of the first to drop nowns?

Our core test community consists of professional surfers, skiiers, top young chefs, and some of our favorite global travelers. This is not only your chance to be one of the first testers to get their hands on Nown, but also your chance to meet and see where some of our favorite people with the best kept secrets go to do the things they love.

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